Helping You Differentiate Your Company, New Products or Services

OriginalThought has a six step process to help you create a differentiation strategy for your business and then summarize it in a powerful statement we call your Unifying Business Idea.

This same process is adapted when a company is planning the development or launch of a new product or service, or business initiative.



Helping You Launch New Products, Services or Business Initiatives

Whether you are in the early stages of new product development or planning the launch of a new product or service, OriginalThought has the network of resources and capabilities to improve your chances of marketplace success. Services include:

  • Ideation and refinement
  • Testing new concepts
  • Market sizing
  • Test market implementation services
  • Results tracking, analysis and recommendations for rollout

Helping You and Your Management Team Collaborate on New Initiatives

Engaging a senior management team in the development of company growth strategies is a strength of the OriginalThought team. Special expertise includes developing engagement tools, interviews and workshops to help assess the current state and to ensure that new strategies are credible, achievable and bought into by all key constituents.

Workshops, Webinars and Keynote Speeches

The founder of OriginalThought, Bob Lieber, is available for custom workshops, conference speeches, webinars and writing that help inspire creative and strategic thinking.