Welcome to the World of OriginalThought
Founded in 2004, OriginalThought is a strategy and marketing services firm that helps businesses and organizations of all sizes do something new — and different — than what they’re doing today.
Like launch a new product. Start a new business or division. Re-assess and update a go-to-market strategy. Re-think the mission or purpose or branding for their business. Or refresh, update or refocus their advertising or promotions.
In short, we inject original thinking into any critical part of your organization.
Our goal is to help you take the next big, bold leap. Through sound strategy. Creative and unexpected ideas. And measurable, accountable implementation. 
Our team has helped accomplish this for local shop owners.  And for 30 of Fortune’s Global 200 corporations. 
If you’re thinking it might be time to head in a new direction, we’d like to welcome you to the world of OriginalThought.