What Is OriginalThought?

We’re a strategy and marketing consulting services firm with a goal to help companies explore new ground and take bold new actions to advance their business. — and dramatically improve their results.

Founded in 2004, we help businesses identity unique new market space and develop breakthrough strategies for differentiation and competitive advantage. We help them launch industry-changing products, services, marketing initiatives or business models…ideas designed to guide a company into their next phase of growth.

We get underneath a client’s natural resistance to change – and help identify those things that can catapult them over their competitors. We work with management teams and owners to think through the right strategic approach and then to map out the implementation plans to capitalize on large market opportunities.

About the Founder, Bob Lieber

Bob Lieber is the founder and CEO of OriginalThought LLC. He has worked extensively across more than a dozen business categories, including consumer packaged goods, health care, financial services, technology and graphic arts, with a special focus helping businesses in midst of change and transformation.

Bob has over 25 years experience in integrated marketing and direct marketing and has been the CEO of several consulting, marketing services and communications companies.  He has created breakthrough marketing strategies and solutions for clients such as Abbott Labs, CIGNA, Coach, Fujifilm, Johnson & Johnson, JP Morgan Chase, MasterCard, Mercedes-Benz, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble and Verizon Wireless, to name just a few. He has provided the same level of expertise and services to dozens of small, mid-size and startup businesses.

Prior to OriginalThought, for eight years, he was the founding Chairman/CEO of Lieber Levett Koenig Farese Babcock (LLKFB).  Taking it from a start-up in 1996, through its purchase by Omnicom (NYSE:OMC), Bob helped LLKFB grow to $120 million in capitalized billings.

Bob is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, MO. He is a frequent industry speaker and university guest lecturer; he is also as a director for the new media not-for-profit, Luminescence Media Group and is active in local community organizations on Long Beach Island, NJ.

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