The Future of Offers Delivered at Retail

Here’s a link to a compelling post about the concept of “Proximity Marketing” It is all about the capability for in-store, real time delivery of personalized offers. The premise is that a person with a cell phone walking in an aisle of a store can have a personalized offer show up on their phone right as they are passing by a specific product or brand or display. With a nod to the film “Minority Report” … Continue reading »;

The Bootstrap Economy: Think about outsourcing this type of work

Found a great article on The Bootstrap Economy — with some fabulous links — that suggests five types of projects that are great candidates to outsource to “the crowd”. One of the areas I found especially compelling was video and animation. Here’s an excerpt: The rise of online video has spurred a vivid new marketplace for video-production services, catering to companies that are looking for online ads, video content, and animations to populate their sites. … Continue reading »;

Offers Incorporated – Gift Cards Drive Holiday Gifting

One of the new capabilities we’re working on at OriginalThought is called “Offers Incorporated”. The goal  is to provide thought leadership on the subject of Promotional Offers…the science and the practice of using offers to drive consumer purchasing behavior. One of the trends we’re fond of quoting is called “Pricing Pandemonium” (from the good people at The flurry of special offers and socially-communicated price discounting is only going to increase. With more consumers constantly … Continue reading »;

OriginalThought – What we’re working on

There has been a productive new business development agenda at OriginalThought during this past year. We’ve helped several emerging businesses reposition themselves to find their own unique space and experience new growth. This includes businesses in the marketing services, technology and health/wellness fields. In addition, a handful of new businesses are being incubated in exciting fields, including consumer services, B2B consulting and the HR/talent acquisition. To support all these diverse businesses, our intent is to … Continue reading »;

Understanding The Bootstrap Economy

This is the first of a series of blog posts on a new, effectively hidden, but fast growing phenomenon in our current economy. I call it “The Bootstrap Economy”. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 68% of hiring in 2010 was contract-based. According to the recent issue of Businessweek, independent workers now make up 31% of the nation’s workforce (over 40 million are self employed in the U.S).  The BLS predicts that this will … Continue reading »;

Five Big Picture Trends to Consider as you Position Your Business for the Future


We’re going to focus here on five big, global, macro trends – the trends that will affect how and where people live and work. For this post, I’m not going to talk about the obvious trends like mobile and social media. We’ll look at general business trends and general consumer trends. We’ll conclude each section with a probing, strategic question for you to ask your management team so you can integrate these trends into your … Continue reading »;

Helping You Differentiate Your Company


When you find yourself thinking about whether your business is really unique…really prepared to compete…really positioned to grow and thrive into the future…you can address those thoughts by answering six questions. We call these questions “The Path to Differentiation”. These questions are all designed to prompt reflection. And introspection. All are designed to get you thinking about positioning your business with more clarity… getting to a more successful path to the future. To plot a … Continue reading »;