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Bob Lieber, Selected Guest Lectures, Talks and Workshops

  • Fashion Institute of Technology, “How Do You Invent Value From Scratch?”
  • George Washington University School of Public health and Health Services, Guest Lecturer, Masters Class in Public Health Communications: “A Practitioner’s View of Market Research.”
  • New Product Innovation and Design and Development Conference, Chicago, IL. “Health Plan Design from the Consumer’s Perspective,”
  • Health Plans New Product Design Conference, Las Vegas, NV:”Health Plan Design; What consumers really want you to know, and what you can do about it.”
  • Print CEO Forum: “How Unique is Your Business?”
  • Print Services and Distribution Association, “Looking Forward: Rethinking and Repositioning Your Business”

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A Three Part Series on How to Differentiate Your Business, for WhatTheyThink.com:

How Unique is Your Business?

How To Stand Apart from Competitors: Define Your Unifying Business Idea

Differentiating Your Business: Make Sure it’s More Than Just Talk

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