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There has been a productive new business development agenda at OriginalThought during this past year. We’ve helped several emerging businesses reposition themselves to find their own unique space and experience new growth. This includes businesses in the marketing services, technology and health/wellness fields.

In addition, a handful of new businesses are being incubated in exciting fields, including consumer services, B2B consulting and the HR/talent acquisition.

To support all these diverse businesses, our intent is to uncover and develop insight that is compelling and enlightening. We intend to share that content on this site, with the hope that it can be an inspiration to broader audiences looking improve their overall marketing and business performance.

The new topics we’ll cover include:

The Bootstrap Economy – covering the trends and practices of those businesses that are launching and developing without the help of venture funding.  An amazing amount of professional work to support these businesses – be it website development, social media activity, sales, marketing, legal and analytical work – is being contracted for in workplace markets. Sites like elance.com, guru.com, odesk.com and freelancer.com are attracting hundreds of thousands of businesses looking to outsource professional work. They also are attracting millions of professionals from around the world who are competing for these freelance projects.

Offers Incorporated – addressing the outright pandemonium that exists today in the development of price and promotional offers. Manufacturers, retailers, online merchants and small businesses have recognized that generating impactful and meaningful purchase incentives is a requirement to stay competitive. We plan to offer help navigating the good, bad and ugly in this world. We’re also tracking the trends and best practices in the delivery of offers via mobile and social channels…something that marketers have said they are hungry to understand.

Unique Space – looking to help companies re-evaluate their markets and their position in them, to be sure they own a unique corner of the world. We are all operating in the world of the micro-specialties. Finding that unique space and then learning how to stake your claim and capitalize on the opportunities will be our ongoing focus.

Counter Offensive – finding the practices that are inherently anti-consumer and calling them out. But our goal is not about heaping shame on bad practices. Instead, our aim is to find those companies and services that are literally fighting back, providing valuable and forthright services that consumers can truly believe in. At the core of our belief is something we call “Help-o-nomics”…finding the virtuous companies that are offering “helping services” and managing to do it in a way that is customer centric. We’ll be featuring some of those companies over the coming months.

With the world of marketing and business evolving at such a rapid pace, we intend to help businesses of all sizes push “the reset button”…taking a step back and evaluating how they thrive and grow in changing times.

We look forward to sharing some of the research, insight and new discoveries we make in these exciting areas.

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