Offers Incorporated – Gift Cards Drive Holiday Gifting

One of the new capabilities we’re working on at OriginalThought is called “Offers Incorporated”. The goal  is to provide thought leadership on the subject of Promotional Offers…the science and the practice of using offers to drive consumer purchasing behavior.

One of the trends we’re fond of quoting is called “Pricing Pandemonium” (from the good people at

The flurry of special offers and socially-communicated price discounting is only going to increase. With more consumers constantly connected via mobile devices, the diversity of opportunities to distribute promotional offers will be explosive. Several related trends plug into this megatrend: Mobility, group buying, local-ness, flash sales, review sites, price comparison engines and dynamic pricing will all contribute to this discounting rage.

An interesting niche in the area of delivering purchase incentives is the use of gift cards. As a consumer transactional device, a gift card carries value and emotional drivers that don’t exist in traditional coupons or discount codes.

Here is an article that points out just how pervasive gift card usage is. We’ll be happy to provide advise and ideas to anyone interested in exploring the use of gift cards and promotional devices.




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