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The Future of Offers Delivered at Retail

Here’s a link to a compelling post about the concept of “Proximity Marketing” It is all about the capability for in-store, real time delivery of personalized offers. The premise is that a person with a cell phone walking in an aisle of a store can have a personalized offer show up on their phone right as they are passing by a specific product or brand or display. With a nod to the film “Minority Report” … Continue reading »;

Offers Incorporated – Gift Cards Drive Holiday Gifting

One of the new capabilities we’re working on at OriginalThought is called “Offers Incorporated”. The goal  is to provide thought leadership on the subject of Promotional Offers…the science and the practice of using offers to drive consumer purchasing behavior. One of the trends we’re fond of quoting is called “Pricing Pandemonium” (from the good people at The flurry of special offers and socially-communicated price discounting is only going to increase. With more consumers constantly … Continue reading »;