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OriginalThought – What we’re working on

There has been a productive new business development agenda at OriginalThought during this past year. We’ve helped several emerging businesses reposition themselves to find their own unique space and experience new growth. This includes businesses in the marketing services, technology and health/wellness fields. In addition, a handful of new businesses are being incubated in exciting fields, including consumer services, B2B consulting and the HR/talent acquisition. To support all these diverse businesses, our intent is to … Continue reading »;

Helping You Differentiate Your Company


When you find yourself thinking about whether your business is really unique…really prepared to compete…really positioned to grow and thrive into the future…you can address those thoughts by answering six questions. We call these questions “The Path to Differentiation”. These questions are all designed to prompt reflection. And introspection. All are designed to get you thinking about positioning your business with more clarity… getting to a more successful path to the future. To plot a … Continue reading »;